Who is Singing!? 2019 College of Medicine Singing Contest - Auditions have already started!!

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《Register Online》




Teachers, Students, Staff from College of Medicine, Taipei Medical University.

二、報名方式(Registration Information):

1. 本次賽事採個人獨唱,歌曲語言不限制。
2. 至活動系統填妥相關資料報名。
3. 將個人演唱Demo影片上傳至Youtube,並確認影片名稱為“2019 TMU-College of Medicine Singing Contest - Your Name”。 每首長度5分鐘以內。

1. All contestants must sing solo. Songs in various languages are welcome .
2. Must fill out and submit the Registration Form along with all required information online.
3. Upload an audition video (up to 5 mins) to YouTube. Make sure the video is titled “2019 TMU-College of Medicine Singing Contest - Your Name”

三、比賽期程(Contest Timetable):

2019/03/25  開始報名
Registration Begins
2019/04/25 報名截止
Deadline to Register
 2019/04/25 PM 5:00 下午5:00
2019/05/08 公布前10名入圍參賽者
Top 10 Contestants Announced
2019/05/13 決賽


臺北醫學大學 醫學綜合大樓後棟8樓 徐千田紀念廳
8F, United Medical Building(Back Building), Taipei Medical University


1. 初賽(Phase one-online):

All contestants should register online and upload their audition videos throughout the registration period: 3/25 (Mon) to 4/25 (Thu). The judges will review the audition videos and decide the final 10 contestants. The final Top 10 contestants will be announced on 5/8(Wed) on College of Medicine’s website and Facebook.

2. 決賽(Final):
1. 每人限制5分鐘以內歌唱表演,若超出時間將會影響評分。
2. 參賽者請自備樂器或伴唱音源,可自彈自唱,主辦單位僅提供音源輸出設備。

1. The performance time is up to 5 mins. If a contestant exceeds the time limit, the total score will be reduced.
2. Microphone, Audio equipment are available in the competition venue. Contestants are responsible for any other music instruments or equipment.

評分標準(Judging Criteria):
(1) 技巧(Singing Techniques) 30%
(2) 音色(Vocal Quality) 45%
(3) 台風(Stage Presence) 25%

Please find more information on College of Medicine’s website or cancelation notice if due to any causes College of Medicine has to cancel the contest. College of Medicine reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the competition regulations,

1. 進入決賽者皆可獲得2019醫學院歌唱比賽紀念品乙份。
2. 當年度第一名將公告於醫學院公佈欄以玆表揚。

1. The final top 10 will be granted a souvenir.
2. The winner will get to be shown on the bulletin board of College of Medicine.

名次 第一名
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Most POP Award
NT$ 10,000
NT$ 6,000 NT$ 4,000 獎品


1. 參賽者同意授權臺北醫學大學醫學院利用活動錄影、錄音、攝影等,相關衍生物之著作財產權歸屬臺北醫學大學醫學院所有。


Participants agree to authorize Taipei Medical University College of Medicine to use all the following items from the competition: audio and video recording, photographs etc., The property rights of related derivatives belong to the Medical College of Taipei Medical University.
College of Medicine reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the above regulations

主辦單位 Organizer:臺北醫學大學 醫學院 College of Medicine, TMU
聯絡信箱 E-mail:com@tmu.edu.tw

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