{ AI COMPETITION } Entry Guidelines

Poster:Post date:2019-11-01

AI COMPETITION Entry Guidelines

Have you ever thought about how will the world look like if we have invented something amazing? Looking back the human history, Adison invented the light bulb and Wright brothers made the world's first successful airplane. Stories like these were happening again and again. Until now, numerous innovations of AI application such as artificial hearts, Da Vinci Surgical System, among many others, are creating a better world for people as well! The curious thoughts or inspirations that come from nowhere are always the prelude of a great innovation. So believe that the next one who is going to take a big step in AI application field will be YOU!

Taiwan is famous for its premium health care system. TMU especially locates itself as a research university. It has complete medical system, medical personnel and abundant AI resources and experiences. It also possesses diverse and experienced groups of educators, researchers, clinicians, and business professionals. As a result, with these great conditions, College of Medicine is holding this competition, expecting that our teachers and students could join it and brainstorm AI solutions to any clinical problems that exist or come up with ideas of AI applications that could improve the field of clinic in any way. In the end of this competition, we are hoping that the excellent works could be turned into business and used in practical.
1. To activate students’ motivation to learn, interact and discuss and promote interdisciplinary interaction through the competition.
2. To increase students’ innovation, creativity and interest in starting a business, and then activate the energy between medicine and AI industry.
1. Teachers, Students, Staff from College of Medicine, Taipei Medical University.
2. Participants should register as team. There is no limit to the number of team members but must have at least one student from College of Medicine. And the number of teachers or students who are not belonging to College of Medicine cannot surpass 50% of the total team members.

Registration and submission

1. Please fill in the registration form and upload your poster(PDF).(Please log in with tmu.edu.tw account)
2. Download the poster format.
3. After the submission due date, the poster and team members cannot be added or changed.

Important Dates
1. Submission duration:2019/11/01~2020/09/30 17:00 
2. Preliminary phase:2020/10/01-2020/10/30

Contestants design an AI application that could be used in clinical field. The judges will evaluate and decide.
1. Preliminary: The selected teams should present the poster at the designated location and send at least one member to elaborate on your work to the judges.
2. Final: The selected team from the preliminary should make an on-stage presentation to the judges. The judges will evaluate and decide the winners.

Judging Criteria
1. Innovation of proposed solution. 40%
2. Potential Impact of proposed solution (the extent to which the solution can be widely useful.) 40%
3. Overall presentation of proposed solution. 20%

Prizes and Awards
1st place, NT$ 150000
2nd place, NT$ 100000
3rd place, NT$ 50000
Honorable Mention, Certificate of Award

Participants agree to authorize Taipei Medical University College of Medicine to use all the following items from the competition: audio and video recording, photographs etc., The property rights of related derivatives belong to the Medical College of Taipei Medical University. College of Medicine reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the above regulations

Please find more information on College of Medicine’s website or cancelation notice if due to any causes College of Medicine has to cancel the contest. College of Medicine reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the competition regulations.

For more information please contact below
The College of Medicine, TMU
Email: com@tmu.edu.tw
Last modification time:2020-05-25 AM 9:10

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