【Attention Notice】2020 Commencement Ceremony, College of Medicine, Taipei Medical University

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 2020 Commencement Ceremony, College of Medicine, Taipei Medical University


Date: June 8 (Monday), 2020

Venue: Auditorium (4F), Xing-Chun Building, Taipei Medical University (Main Campus)

Invited Guests: only open to Class of 2020 graduates in college of medicine.

Broadcast onlinehttp://medicine.tmu.edu.tw/app/news.php?Sn=351  

※Attention Notice※
School latest announced, from 6/7 the limit of the school main entrance has been changed, visiter into the school campus no need for the early applies but we still need the Real-name register system. Due to the announced the College of Medicine graduation ceremony at 6/8 will have some change information as below:  
  1. limit for the people amount: Each of the graduates will only allow for 1-2 family members with you
  2. Entrance-way: Graduates family members will need to show off the “College of Medicine Graduates Graduation information letter” to the entrance (only open for the front gate), we will have another counter for you, we will check for the information letter and real-name register, wearing a mask and take body temperature is necessary for into school campus. (temperature over 37.5 will not allow to the school)
    College of Medicine Graduation OPEN gate time: 09:00-10:30、11:30-14:30、16:00-17:00
  3. Due to the College of Medicine Graduates' amount a lot, family members of Graduates will not to the Graduation ceremony, only allow to the campus. You can join the ceremony from online streaming. Link as below: http://medicine.tmu.edu.tw/app/news.php?Sn=351

College of Medicine 2020/6/5


Undergraduate Programs




Seating Area Opens


Opening Remarks


President’s Message


Presentation of Awards


Class of 2020 Valedictorian Speeches

1.School of Medicine

2.School of Respiratory Therapy



Hooding Ceremony


A Review of University Life




Graduate School




Seating Area Opens


Opening Remarks


President’s Message


Class of 2020 Valedictorian Speeches

1.Graduate Institute of Respiratory Therapy

2.Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences

3.Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine

4. International Master/Ph.D. Program in Medicine

5. International Ph.D. Program for Cell Therapy and Regeneration Medicine






Hooding Ceremony


A Review of University Life




Online Registration:

  Which is open from May 26 (12:00) to May 29 (until 17:00), and the result for seat arrangement will be announced online on June 3rd (Wed.)

  Participants need to register and reserve seats online.

  Please visit the website for reservation, and read the following information before confirmation.

Undergraduate Programs: https://forms.gle/jELk69p8mcZVEJ2Y9

Graduate School: https://forms.gle/adUdgzKfDrJ9PBhU7

A.    To register/log in with your email (TMU ID account).

B.     For complying with TMU policy, all participants have to fill out the "Epidemic Prevention Questionnaire” regarding to your TOCC history (travel, occupation, contact, and cluster).


Attention Notice:

  In response to the novel viral pneumonia (called COVID-19) epidemic prevention measures within TMU,

A.    Our ceremony has to launch “a real-name system” with a limit of 100 participants and the seat arrangement will be announced on June 3rd (Wed.);

If the number of participants exceeds the epidemic prevention measures for TMU, we will allocate the seat by the order of your registration time.

(The above-mentioned number includes representatives from each department/institute/program)

B.     Our ceremony is going to have the virtual mode broadcast online at the same time due to coronavirus concerns. And the online venue will be announced via website of college of medicine (http://medicine.tmu.edu.tw/).

  Graduates may enter the venue only between 10:00-13:30(Undergraduate Programs) / 14:00-14:30(Graduate School) (Must show the proof of registration on 1st floor entrance to enter the ceremony venue), and will need to wear the medical face mask during ceremony.

  Kindly arrive on time, as the doors on 4th floor will be closed promptly at 10:30(Undergraduate Programs) / 14:30(Graduate School).

  For venue considerations,

A.    foods will be not permitted inside the Building during ceremony. (except water)

B.     Please set your cell phone on vibrate or turn it off.

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