Research Centers / Research Center of Reproductive Medicine

The TMUH Center for Reproductive Medicine, headed by Professor Tzeng Chii-Ruey, was established in 1991. Using advanced reproductive technologies, this center has helped more than 20,000 infertile couples in the last two decades. Our team of leading physicians and technicians are known for facilitating advanced medical treatment and state-of-the-art services with personal attention and a caring touch. The center enjoys the nation’s highest success rate for infertility treatment.

The center’s innovative research consistently sets the landmark for fertility treatment in Taiwan. In 1991, the hospital’s first test-tube baby was born. In 1993, the center successfully performed the nation’s first microsurgical epididymal sperm aspiration. In 1995, the first Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection case led to a successful birth in the hospital. In 1996, the center became Taiwan’s first center for reproductive medicine to pass the ISO 9002 Health Mark. The center was awarded the 1999 Gold Prize for National Biotechnology and Medicine Care Quality. After further research and development of the Assisted Reproduction Technique, in 2001 the center pioneered Autologous Mitochondrial Transfer to bring into the world a healthy baby. Significantly, this technology gives great hope in the problem of ovarian aging.

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