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Medicine of College is professional and leadership talent to nurture the health care, community service groups, and educational goals. Cultivating Humanities and medicine combined to develop a humanities, global vision, professional communication, leadership skills, and socials responsibility and bear the students' international competitiveness.  Hospital departments entrusted with the teaching of the basic medical sciences, clinical medicine and medical applications category, the task of research and support services, there are nearly 1,800 students, professionals, part-time teachers and clinical teachers up to 600 people. The number of students of the college students in the school of accounting for 40%, accounting for 60% of the number of teachers, the school called the largest and has a history of college.

Medicine of school is one of the three founding the Department of Education goals humanity, broad-minded, creative thinking, lifelong learning and professional skills, has been conceived fourteen Medical Contribution Award winner, Chen Ke-hua, Hou Wen-Yong, two renowned doctors of Taiwanese literature writers , also the Tokai University educator - Tang Ming-Jer principal.  Respiratory Therapy Department was established in 2003, it is the first university established in the Department of Professional Respiratory Therapy. In 2007 integration of the former Institute of Medicine Institute of Clinical Medicine and divided the Institute of Medical Science, which aims to produce PHA clinicians with outstanding research capabilities of translational research, medical-cum-cells are divided into biochemistry molecular biology group, molecular pharmacology and cell physiology cum Neuroscience Group, microbial cum immunohistochemistry, cultivated academic and translational research academia outstanding professionals.

On research and development, the medicine of college emphasized cooperation in basic and clinical research groups, biotechnology innovation, translational research and Nanomedicine research and development, through the full and effective hospital resources to provide the best Multiple Learning environment for teachers and students, roots international exchanges in order to foster future medicine leaders. In teaching, design a diverse set of learning mechanisms, but also the first year medical student 'Beginning style, white robe service award ceremony; the establishment of "thumb Mountain Biomedical Research Seminar", invite domestic and overseas medical experts here to give heavyweight speeches; the creation of OSCE , GOSCE clinical internship systems, widely imitated National college of Medicine studies.

The College of Medicine continued to recruit teachers each year in order to have high quality student-teacher ratio and maintain the quality of teaching, to promote the training plan to the teachers at home and abroad, updated annually. In terms of software and hardware facilities increased from top teaching and research support. Currently working to integrate a school of Hospitals about the disease-oriented translational research team, as well as promoting combined residency and research physician of medical education and research training programs to attract the best into the Taipei Medial University residency training service and to get out of Taiwan, with excellent training program to attract foreign medical teams to Taipei Medical University training, learning or studying a degree, to move towards internationalization and the pursuit of excellence as a goal to work for medical education provides a unique contribution in Taiwan.

Honor & Features
Cultivated fourteen Medical Contribution Award Winner as follow:
Huang, Sheng-Hsiung ( 22 th Session), Lin, Ren-Xin (25st Session), Yang, Mao-Yin (20th Session), Huang, Jia-Long (19th Session), Chiu, Wen-Dai(17th Session), Chen, Bo-Hsien(17th Session), Tsai, Meng-Hong (16th Session), CHIANG,JEN-CHIH (15th session), CHIU,HSIEN-MING (11th Session), Liu , Tseng-Ying(16th Session), Yang Sui-Sheng (1st session), Wu, Ping, Sheng (1st Session), CHUAN,WEN-CHANG (1st Session), Lin Sheng-Li (1st Session)

  • The first national initiative organized by medical students in white robes award ceremony of the College of Medicine, and Beginning Ceremony of the semester.

  • Respectively in 2007, 2009 and 2011 by the Medical Evaluation Committee (TMAC) of the reform objectives and evaluations visiting.

  • Annually Exchanging Program with Well-known medical institutions and multi-nationals in United States, Japan, Germany, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and others.

  • The establishments of 12 research -based groups with the disease and five hospital-level research centers

  • Academic research team won "the creation of a national invention Gold Medal” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2009.

  • The 1st College incorporated the school of Respiratory Therapy of Medical Education and Research.

Former Dean
The 1st Dean,
Professor Hu, Jun-hong
(Temporarily 2000.8-2002.8)
The 2nd Dean,
Professor Pan Shien
(temporarily 2000.9-2003.3)
The 3rd Dean,
Professor Shu, Chung-Yi
(temporarily 2003.4-2004.7)
The 4th Dean,
Professor Tseng,Chi-Jui
The 5th Dean,
Professor Huang, Chao-Ching
(2013.9 ~ 2017.7)
Acting Dean,
Professor Chen, Shih-Ching
(2017.8~ 2018.3)
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