2019 Global Health Forum in Taiwan

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2019 Global Health Forum in Taiwan
The “Global Health Forum in Taiwan” is an annual event, jointly held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health and Welfare and Health Promotion Administration of Taiwan, that convenes leaders from the worlds of research, policy, and practice to brainstorm and share findings that address the various health and welfare challenges.
This year’s Forum is scheduled for Sunday and Monday, October 20-21, at the Taipei International Meeting Center, on the theme of “Urban Life of the 21st Century: Sustainable, Safe and Healthy?”. The event will feature a discussion of the continuous growth of the global urban population, along with the important effects on public health from global and local ecological systems and urban environmental quality, including waste processing, safe water resources, hygiene facilities, and injury or harm prevention, which also relate to poverty, the environment and health topics, as well as further in depth discussion of urbanization issues such as the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 3, physical and mental health; SDG 11, promoting urban and human living environment tolerance, safety and security, resilience and sustainability; and SDG 13, the environment and climate.
The Forum’s main morning session will extend invitations to international experts for a discussion of the urban environment and health issues. In the afternoon there will be parallel meeting sessions exploring issues including emerging urban environment related Big Data and technological applications, the migrant population in the urban environment, urban fragility and instability, care, health and wisdom in urban living, children’s environmental health promotion, and policy promotion of care and concern for the disadvantaged facing urbanization.

2019 Global Health Forum in Taiwan 
Forum Theme: Urban life of the 21st Century: Sustainable, Safe and Healthy?
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Date: Oct. 20-21, 2019
Venue:  Taipei International Convention Center

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