【Forum for Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine】:8 OCT, 2019(TUE),13:00~15:00,『Prof. Takashi Nishimura & Dr. Masamori Shimabuku』

Poster:Post date:2019-09-25

◎ Date:Tuesday Oct. 8, 201913:00~15:00

◎ Venue:Chien-Tien Hsu Memorial Hall, 8F, Comprehensive Medical Building (Back Building) 


◎ Topic & Invited Speaker

 1) The critical role of Th1-dominant immunity for cancer cell therapy and cancer vaccine therapy.


        Prof. Takashi Nishimura
        (Current Position) Director in NPO Immuno support Center
        (Former Position) Professor in Institute for Genetic Medicine,
                                  Hokkaido University
2) Immune Therapy for Cancer in Clinical Setting.
        Dr. Masamori Shimabuku
        (Current Position) 東京Midtown先端醫療研究中心醫療部部長暨腫瘤科醫學主任


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