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2017-12-112017 Asia-Pacific Symposium on Respiratory Medicine195
2017-12-08It is our great honor to welcome Dr Koh to speak at the Forum for Cell Therapy and Regeneration Medicine on December 15, 2017! Dr Kohs topic is “Lessons leamt from the Evolution of Cell Therapy from Blood to CARs. Date: December 15, 2017(Fri)10:30-12:00 122
2017-11-09College of Medicine Signed Agreement for Joint (Collaborative) Doctoral Programs with Dalhousie University204
2017-11-08【Lecture】Nov 16, 2017(Thu) Dr. Irving Weissman:Normal and Neoplastic Stem Cells: Biology and Clinical Translation176
2017-11-01Cochrane Taiwan TMU Chair Professor Ken N. Guo receives APPOS lifetime achievement award.83
2017-11-01【Publish】Emi2 Is Essential for Mouse Spermatogenesis (Impact Factor=8.282)142
2017-10-01【Publish】Tailor-made purified human platelet lysate concentrated in neurotrophins for treatment of Parkinsons disease. (Impact Factor=8.402)96
2017-09-01【Publish】The STAT3-miRNA-92-Wnt Signaling Pathway Regulates Spheroid Formation and Malignant Progression in Ovarian Cancer. (Impact Factor=9.122)98
2017-07-17Aug 3-4, 2017【Lecture】Cell Therapy Symposium for Clinical Trial, Industry Application, ELSI, and GTP Lab Practice128
2016-10-21International Ph.D. Program for Cell Therapy and Regeneration Medicine starts to recruit students in the Fall of 2017150
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